ACCtiv8 Goes Fishing!

ACCtiv8 had a fantastic deep sea fishing outing from Carnlough on Sat 13 May.


18 souls – mostly ACCtiv8 members – headed out on what turned out to be an extremely mixed bag, in terms of weather – Fog, sun, rain, wind and more wind!


Stevie Hunsdale had clearly been a bit overly optimistic about the weather, turning up in his holiday shorts. However, he later admitted that he had made a bit of a “cod” of himself! Despite the distractions of Stevie’s legs (I’m not “squidding”), and the challenging weather, the guys did very well, in terms of fish caught.


The strong competitive spirit between William Daly and Donal Shearer was “reely” inspiring!


Special Award for most camouflaged fisherman, and for most fish caught on the day, goes to Rodney Simpson, who bagged about 20 or so!


Massive respect also for John McGuigan’s son – Josh – who bagged 4 mackerel, on one line, in one go – unbelievable!


Possibly one of the more unusual quotes of the day was attributed to Thomas Agnew, when his line was caught by someone else’s hook – “My mummy always said I was a great catch“.


The skipper knew it was probably time to head home, when Jim Rainey started crying to him, partly because of the weather, but mostly because he was catching so few fish!


In summary, most agreed that they would “dolpinitely” be returning for a some more deep sea fishing in the autumn.


All in all a “whaley” good day!

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