ACCtiv8 goes to the Dogs!

ACCtiv8 (the sports and social club for Adelaide House and Clarence Court) had a fantastic night at the dog track, in Drumbo, on Friday ‎23rd June. Due to our club subsidy, members benefited from the bus there and back, entrance to the track as well as a nice 3 course dinner – all for just £5 – great value!


The champagne and wine was flowing on one of the tables, despite some particularly awful betting tips from Eve Culligan, Mark O’Rawe and Stevie Hunsdale.


On the other table, the combined group betting paid off, despite some abysmal selections from Barry Gower, Laura O’Hare and Jeff King. There was unbelievable individual betting success from Anne-Marie Wylie. Most put this down to hours studying the form, though a minority of cynics attributed this to total “jammyness”.


A massive thanks goes out to Kieran Connolly and Martin Gillespie for organising such a brilliant night!


Members really are encouraged to attend club events such as these. Most attendees don’t know the others going and the events and outings are a great way to make new friends, enjoy a bit of craic with your ACCtiv8 colleagues and get value from your NICSSA / sports club membership.


If you’d like more information about ACCtiv8, future events and might be interested in joining, contact Michael Camplisson (DfE) or Jeff King (DfI).

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