ACCtiv8 takes the Chequered Flag!

ACCtiv8 takes the Chequered Flag!


The ACCtiv8 sports and social club, for Adelaide House and Clarence Court, held a very successful Go-Karting event at the Nutts Corner Circuit on Friday 28 April.

Gearing up

We had 18 drivers in all. It was obvious there was a mix of karting novices and slick quasi-race professionals in the ranks, as not everyone was wearing the correct gear for outdoor racing. In particular, it was important to have the right footwear, as Stephen McGonagle found out to his dismay, after blaming his poor performance on his size 12 boots getting stuck on the pedals. Frankly, he needs to have a word with his schu-maker.

Drivers raced in ideal weather conditions for a total distance exceeding 30 km. Thankfully there were a few brakes in-between, otherwise it would have been tyre-ing for everyone; they would’ve been exhausted.


Pole position

Several drivers had aspired to victory but they were clutching at straws. Rec-ignition must go to Paul McCarthy who took the chequered flag thanks mainly to multiple covert previous visits to the track and an overt familiarity with the race marshals responsible for allocating starting grid positions.

Thus, he was in pole position going into the final, but in the end decided his victory dance would be better performed from inside the go-kart, for everyone’s sake.

Lap of honour

Overall it was a revving success. You auto know everyone had a wheely good time. A massive thanks is due to George Sampson for organising such a fantastic club day out.

If anyone’s interested in joining ACCtiv8 – contact Michael Camplisson on ext. 57620


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