ACCtiv8 Trip to Belfast Indoor Bowling Club

ACCtiv8 had a great night out at Belfast Indoor Bowling Club on Fri 7 April.

The night was brilliant value for members. For just £9, there was a 2 course dinner, 2 hours of bowling and transport (there and back).

First prize went to Stephen Smith. There was a tie for second prize between Mark O’Rawe and Tom Kennedy – Respect!

Several people are also worthy of mention for some ‘special’ awards for their performance on the night:


  • Award for Most bowls in the Gulley – Mark Cardwell. (His unique technique “The Petrol Bomb Throw”)
  • Award for Person Closest to the (Wrong) Jack – Tom Kennedy. ( His “Sat Nav” clearly not working on the night or else the bright lights blinded him. Would have been overall winner had he not aimed at the wrong Jack.
  • Sneakiest Blaster Spoiler Shots – Jeff King. “King” aptly named a member of the Dirty Tricks Brigade and a King to take out the opposition with repeated bouncing Bomber Bowls. No player was safe !
  • Most Wayward Bowls – Eugene McConnell. Clearly handed out a dummy set of Bowls with wrong “Bias” weighted on both sides.

A plot of “Bias” Pardon the Pun ! Plus Court lane area to small.


A massive thanks goes out to Stephen Smith for organising such a brilliant night out!