Adelaide House/ Clarence Court Workplace Sports club Fishing Trip

The first Adelaide House/ Clarence Court Workplace Sports club Fishing Trip took place in August with 19 brave souls faced the sea at Glenarm to see who could make ‘catch of the day’.  The day was organised into two trips one leaving at 10am and one at 2pm.

Billy McClelland, the experienced skipper of the Causeway Fisher took us about 1.5 miles out to sea and after a quick tutorial; we started fishing with gusto, with the fish finder in the boat beeping frantically.

After a couple of bites for Sean O’Mara had a haddock that slipped off the hook, but it wasn’t long before David Morton landed the first mackerel of the day which we used as bait so we could attract the ‘big ones’.  The first trip caught a wide range of fish including cod, haddock, whiting, dogfish, gurnard and even a ling which Billy tried to convince us was a crossbreed of a cod and conger eel…the jury is still out on this one. An octopus was almost landed before being one of the elusive ones that got away just as it was about to be landed. The odd shower in the morning didn’t dampen the spirits as fish were landed regularly and with views of the beautiful Glens it made for a great morning. Although everyone managed to catch a fish the appearance of a seal might have scared a few of the fish away! To top of the morning trip a pod of dolphins accompanied the boat back to port, something none of us expected. Jim Cadden caught the biggest fish of the morning trip with a 5lb cod.

The second trip of the day proved to be more fruitful with a lot more fish caught but not as many different varieties as the first trip with a selection of haddock, mackerel, cod and gurnard caught. The good weather continued into the afternoon and Jim Rainey landed the first fish of this trip. Laura Smyth’s nephew landed the biggest fish with a 4lb cod to take home with him.


Overall, both trips proved hugely successful with everyone catching at least one fish, not too many ‘big ones’ got away, the weather was good and the views spectacular from the coast. Many thanks to Michael Camplisson who organised the trips, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we’ll all be looking forward to the next day on the high seas.