Core Functions

NICSSA’s Core Functions

NICSSA is a company limited by guarantee and registered under the Industrial Provident Societies Act 1969.

Our core functions are:

Health Promotion

  • Provision and promotion of health and well being services and activities to the NICS through WELL and partners through the Health Works programme;


Sports and Leisure

  • Promotion of sport and leisure activities to over 11,000 members based in a network of geographically based affiliated clubs;
  • Development and delivery to members of a range of membership benefits and services through the Membership Plus Scheme;



  • The development and management of the sporting, social, leisure and health and fitness and conference facilities at the Pavilion and through our network of affiliated clubs.

Our Mission, Aims, and Values


Our mission is to positively contribute to the health and well being of our members, the NICS and wider community by providing a wide range of affordable sporting, leisure and health and well-being activities, services and facilities throughout NI.

 Key Strategic Aims

The mission is supported by a number of key strategic aims. These are to:

  •   Make a positive contribution to the health and well being of members and NICS  through our activities, services and facilities;
  • Positively contribute to wider community objectives in the areas of sport and health and well being.
  • Develop and deliver our services in a manner which promotes the long term sustainability of the organisation.