Easter Play Trail

On Monday 21st April parents and kids from one of NICSSA’s workplace clubs, Carlisle House took part in an Easter Egg hunt at the Playtrail, organised by Carlisle House Sports and Social Club.

The day started off with the kids and their parents being given an activity sheet to complete, searching for clues in and around the parks and woods of the Playtrail, not to mention meeting the Easter Bunny on their way around. On their return, the bold explorers were rewarded with an Easter goody basket filled with treats.
The groups were then split into two, with the younger ones setting out on a ‘BUG HUNT’ led by the Playtrail staff, where they searched, touched and chatted about all the bugs and little creatures that could be found within the grounds of the park.
The older kids took part in an orienteering exercise where they were given a map and paper to try to search for markers throughout different areas of the park.

After all the children had returned from their adventures, the activities were finished off with much welcomed refreshments and even more goodies, including an Easter egg. We ended the day with a group photo after which everyone was then free to play about the parks and grounds of the Playtrail.