Ellens Journey

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) Sports and Recreation Club, as part of its programme to encourage nights out for members, subsidised cinema tickets across NI for all our members. All the monies raised (£250) through the sale of reduced tickets has gone towards ‘Ellen’s Journey”

In January 2018, little Ellen Treanor, aged four, was diagnosed with stage four high-risk neuroblastoma. Brave Ellen has undergone chemotherapy, surgery to remove the tumour, plus sepsis and fluid on her lungs. She then had to complete more high dose chemotherapy, have a stem cell transplant, radiotherapy and is currently undergoing antibody treatment in the RVH.  Thankfully Ellen has reacted really well to the treatment and is making steady progress, however, she faces an uncertain future given, sadly, that in 40-50% of cases the cancer returns and when it does fewer than 1 in 10 will survive. There are other treatments and various clinical trials, not available through the NHS, available elsewhere, however the costs of accessing these is quite prohibitive, requiring hundreds of thousands of pounds. Undeterred by this Ellen’s family and friends decided, in late July 2018, to embark on a massive fundraising campaign and has raised over £535,000.   

Ellen’s Journey would like to thank NICSSA for their kind donation.  For more information visit Ellen’s Journey on Facebook.  Ellen’s grandad Gerry Donnelly, Southern RURAL Affairs Division accepted the donation from Sheila Walker, on behalf of NICSSA.