Gingerbread Mix-Up

Event – Gingerbread Mix- Up

Venue – Lyric Theatre Belfast
Date – Saturday 17th December 2016
Time – 1:30pm


Member’s Price – £13.50

Meet Primrose: apple of her Dad’s eye, bane of her Mum’s life, all-round little monster. 

Cast out in the forest with only her Nintendo for company, Primrose meets Pardon – cool cat turned witch’s assistant, with a promising sideline in Big Bad Wolf impersonations.  Can Pardon save Primrose from the evil old witch’s cooking pot?  Will the witch find out who’s been eating her gingerbread house?  Will Primrose ever finish level 4 of Bandor, Master of Neverworld?  Find out in The Gingerbread Mix-Up, only at the Lyric this Christmas!

Starring Kyron Bourke and Christina Nelson

For further information, contact Rebecca Montgomery on 028 9052 0410 or email

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