Goldilocks & The Grumpy Bears

Event – Goldilocks & The Grumpy Bears

Venue – Riverside Theatre, Coleraine

Date – Friday 12th December 2014

Time – 7.30pm

NICSSA Member’s Price – £5.00 per ticket

The three bears aren’t happy!

Mummy Bear has made porridge for the family but it’s too hot. They decide to go out for a walk while it cools, accidentally leaving the door open. Soon there is an intruder.

Goldilocks means no harm, but she’s tired and hungry and the porridge smells lovely. Little does she know, three grumpy bears are about to return home. Where are those bears now Goldilocks?

They’re behind you!!!!

A troupe of talented, experienced actors lead the audience through this well loved tale in a very amusing and entertaining way.

All the pantomime traditions are maintained.

Oh yes they are!

The show also features lots of comedy, puppets, audience participation and some well known songs from 2014, which the children will both recognise and join in with.

For further information, contact Paul Robinson on 028 9052 0404 or email

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