Kicking Through The Troubles

NICSSA Member Exclusive Offer!

John White, a local man from Belfast has written a book on life growing up through the troubles and it is sure to be a great read!

Delving into the histrory of Belfast in the 70’s heres a short summary of the book…

If you grew up during The Troubles or a member of your family did then you will enjoy a new book due out next month entitled “KICKING THROUGH THE TROUBLES – How Manchester United Helped To Heal A Divided Community.”  The book tells the story of John White growing up in the Short Strand area of East Belfast and his love affair with Manchester United including how he became personal friends with Sir Alex Ferguson.  It is jam packed with so many quirky stories from his schooldays to the day he brought Manchester United over to play a testimonial game in Belfast.  And he takes us on a rollercoaster of a ride of all things 70s such as Whopper Bars and Glam Rock!  NICSSA Members can pre-order the book directly from the Publisher before it is released next month at a discounted price of £8.00 (£10.00 in the shops and on Amazon) which includes post and packing.  And of course if you are a Manchester United fan then this book will appeal to you and it will also make the ideal Christmas present for family and friends.

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