Lanyon Plaza take on Motocross!

The Lanyon Plaza Sports and Social Club decided to up the pace and try something new.  Everyone was interested and excited to do something competely new to everyone and in the end seven guys decided to give it go.  The guys, had booked for the standard 3 sessions and found it both exhilarating and exhausting.  There were lap timers on the bikes, so over the various sessions you could see the lap times improve.

This is a first  purpose-built indoor motocross track in Ireland (E-Trax near Moira) that gives you a unique opportunity to learn or improve your off-road riding, in a safe and fun environment, all year round!  The bikes are electric, so easier to ride than a normal motorbike, with no gears to contend with.  With a range of bikes available, suitable for kids to adults with varying experience as power levels can be adjusted for ability. There are Taster Sessions available for those looking something less tiring that may just want to try riding a bike.