Learn To Surf 2016

On Saturday 10th September we had another fantastic annual Learn To Surf event!

This year we had great weather and really strong waves making it even better for our members. With lots of fun and laughter everyone had a ball and some even mastering the art of standing up!

Take a look and see if you can spot yourself in our photos…img_4030 img_4036 img_4037 img_4038 img_4039 img_4041 img_4042 img_4045 img_4046 img_4049 img_4050 img_4057 img_4058 img_4059 img_4061 img_4081 img_4080 img_4078 img_4076 img_4063 img_4062 img_4083 img_4086 img_4087 img_4088 img_4094 img_4095 img_4096 img_4097 img_4102 img_4103 img_4105 img_4109 img_4115 img_4116 img_4118 img_4123 img_4132 img_4138 img_4141 img_4142 img_4143 img_4146 img_4147 img_4148 img_4150 img_4152 img_4155 img_4156 img_4157 img_4158 img_4170 img_4172 img_4173 img_4176 img_4180 img_4186 img_4188 img_4190 img_4191 img_4192 img_4194 img_4196 img_4197 img_4199 img_4201 img_4204 img_4208 img_4211 img_4214 img_4216 img_4224 img_4229 img_4240 img_4243 img_4248 img_4250 img_4251 img_4256 img_4258 img_4268 img_4272 img_4278 img_4287 img_4292 img_4293 img_4297 img_4305 img_4316 img_4318 img_4321 img_4322 img_4325