Netherleigh/Colby House Sports Club Massage Event

Netherleigh/Colby House Sports Club recently held massage sessions with Helen from Knot Massage.

Eighteen members and non-members availed of a session and the feedback was extremely positive.

The club intends to run this event again in the not too distant future.


  • AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • That was great Jean, all zen’d out for this afternoon!


  • Fabulous – really enjoyed and would recommend and do it again.


  • That was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, please tell me Helen will be back on a regular basis, it was the best money ever spent!


  • I enjoyed the massage, and definitely, if it was a regular occurrence, would use it.


  • I really enjoyed my Knot massage today! It was brilliant. Will have it done again.


  • Helen is lovely and very professional. Timing (20 mins) was perfect. Bi Monthly would be great. Count me in again.


  • Much needed and much appreciated. Really felt the benefit and I did make an attempt to improve my posture for a couple of hours…then returned to my usual slumped position. I will work on improving the posture! Would definitely avail of Helen’s services again…monthly or bi-monthly for me.