Due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and in the interest of everyone’s safety, NICSSA and the NICS Social Club’s Annual General Meetings will take place virtually via Zoom on Thursday 11th March 2021 at 7pm and 7.30pm respectively. Please note that attendance is limited and pre-registration is therefore essential.

Should you wish to attend the AGMs using Zoom, it is important that you register your interest by simply clicking the link below.

Once you have registered you will receive a further email with the link to access the AGM on the evening.

Please click on the links below to access the papers for both AGMs. Also for your information please see the list of nominations for both AGM’s.

NICSSA Council

NICSSA AGM Agenda (Click to Download)

NICSSA 12 March 2020 AGM Minutes(Click to Download)

NICSSA Annual Report 2020 (Click to Download) NICSSA 2020 Accounts contained within Draft Annual Report

Rules Memo (Click to Download)

Draft Rule Amendments (Click to Download)

Appendix A-Proposed Changes to Rules (Click to Download)

Appendix B – Proposed Changes to NICSSA Rules (Click to Download)


Nominations for Election of Six members representatives to Council (2021/2022)
1. Caron Alexander
2. Tom Kennedy
3. Colin McWhirter
4. Brian Murphy
5. Val Russell
6. Lynda Sloan

Nomination for Pavilion based sports club representative to the NICSSA Council (2021/2022)
1. Chris Heatley


NICS Social Club

Social Club 2021 AGM Agenda (Click to Download)

NICS Social Club AGM Minutes 2020 (Click to Download)

NICS Social Club – Chairman’s Report for 2020 (Click to Download)

Social Club 2020 Accounts (Click to Download)

Nominations for Election of representatives to the NICS Social Club Management Committee (2021/2022)
1. Nic Leitch
2. Gillian Lynas
3. Shaun McMorran
4. James Savage
5. Sandy Webb