NW Regional Soccer Competition

On Friday 28th May NW clubs met for the first NW Regional Soccer  Competition. Teams from Waterside House, Foyle Jobs & Benefits an1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9d Orchard House played each other for a place in the final. Each of the matches were played for 15 minutes, proving too much for the Foyle Team, who were defeated in both matches. The final between the other two teams was tightly fought with both teams attacking and defending their goals equally. Orchard House proved the stronger team on the day winning on 2-1 score. Each match was played with great sportsmanship from every team player and the day was ended with celebrations of a bite to eat and wee toast to the winning team. It is hoped that this can be run as an Annual Event with more NW clubs taking part next year. So to all you clubs out there, you will need to get in training to beat the current team, Orchard House. Thanks to Stephen Curry and Foyle Sports and Social Club for organising the event.