Paddy Wallace Acadamy

Designed and implemented by local rugby star Paddy Wallace with the support of Tesco, the camps aim to educate in both rugby skills and the lifestyle required to play at the top level.

Paddy Wallace has decided to put his wealth of rugby knowledge and experience to good use by designing his own rugby academy to help children gain an insight and taste of what it’s like to be a professional rugby player.

With the help of the Academy’s main sponsor Tesco, children will learn about the importance of nutrition to a professional rugby player and how it relates to your ability to train hard and recover but also its importance to a growing child.

Our camps provide young athletes, both boys and girls, repetition and structure as they learn more about the best sport in the world, Rugby.

These 5-day camps, running from 9am – 3pm, will provide extended opportunities for young players of all skill levels to sharpen their physical capabilities and their understanding of the game.

Our program design and delivery emphasizes values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect.

We hope that all our participants leave the academy a more confident and motivated rugby player.


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