PlayBall – block booking slots

New slots available at PlayBall


As another season draws to an end we have a number of 5-a-side & 7-a-side slots that have recently become available for block booking at peak times. These include –


Monday @ 6pm (7-a-side)

Monday @ 9pm (7-a-side)

Wednesday @ 6pm (7-a-side)

Wednesday @ 7pm (7-a-side)

Wednesday @ 8pm (7-a-side)

Thursday @ 6pm (7-a-side)

Thursday @ 7pm (7-a-side)


We also have a wide variety of different slots available for block booking on our 5-a-side pitches. Cost for a 5-a-side pitch is £36 per hour and £50 per hour for the 7-a-side pitch (discounts available to NICSSA members & community/school groups subject to availability). To inquire about block booking a pitch please contact us on 02890765770 or drop us an email at