The Bikers!

On Sunday 2nd April some NICSSA Members formed together to make a Sub Club Called “The Bikers” the guys arranged the day themselves and called it the Breakfast Run!

Below we have a 1st hand recap of the day and check out some of those great bikes in the photos!

“Firstly, the weather was fantastic, albeit a bit chilly in the morning. By the time we met up in the morning Geoff and Paul had already been on the road for quite a bit, starting early in order to meet at Carrickfergus Castle for 9am. There were 5 of us to begin with (myself, Michael, Geoff, Paul and (Ali G – not LPS) ).


After a brief thawing out of the hands, we headed out and made our way up the coast towards Ballygally where we turned off on a slight detour to nab one of the Irish Photo Rally points at a viewpoint above Carncastle. There we met up with Ken and (Tim – not LPS) and took in the spectacular views on offer. Then the 7 of us made our way down into Glenarm to the Water’s Edge B&B for an amazing breakfast and some banter. We’ll definitely be stopping there again the next time we’re in the area.


After we’d filled up (us, not the bikes) we made our way on up the coast to Ballycastle with Ken peeling back towards home. The bike he was riding is a 78 year old classic; can anyone guess from the photos what it is?


Ballycastle was quite obviously in the plans of every other biker in the country as there were 2-wheelers everywhere. It was great to be able to do some ‘window shopping’ with the bikes while having an ice-cream.


On round to Bushmills after that where we split the group; most of us headed back down towards home via Ballymoney and Geoff and Paul made their way home towards Coleraine/Limavady.


It was a great day out with a great bunch of guys and hopefully we’ll be organising the next one soon. And hopefully the weather will be kind to us again.




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